Paul Abirached


Daisy Bolter voice
Paul Abirached guitar

One voice, one guitar.
Setting out to journey through many musical landscapes, we choose to travel light…
Our original compositions are mainly sung in English or French, though other languages sometimes appear, like Portuguese or Arabic.
These songs are filled with stories, images and emotions:
A mermaid without a voice… birds  with broken wings that suddenly grow back…hairdos of  hair and branches… marketplaces and the music of street-vendors’ voices, the plight of illegal immigrants… swimming pools seen by humans of the future... a person deep with in conversation with her own body….finger food as a metaphor for desire … childhood memories and fascinating nightmares…
While we both play mostly Jazz music, we also share a  love of Brazilian bossa nova  and  folksongs from all over the world— not to mention  Soul music and French Chanson. When we perform, we strive to create a playful, creative rapport with the audience, alternating songs with short spoken poems and spur-of-the moment musical improvisation.